Can I Put My Furniture Back After Carpet Cleaning

Can I Put My Furniture Back After Carpet Cleaning 15 Jul

Having a carpet is a good thing for many reasons, but you must consider professional carpet cleaning on a regular interval. It will not only keep it perfectly clean, but it will also make it look brand new and keep it hygienic. When you go for a professional carpet cleaning, the professional cleaners will advise you to remove all your furniture from the carpet.

This helps them to reach all areas in the carpet and clean it completely so you can get value over the money. You should not put your furniture back as soon as the cleaning process finishes because it may leave dent or stains and can hurt the fabric of the carpet. So the question is how long should you wait to put back the furniture??

How Long After Carpet Cleaning Can I Put Furniture Back?

Well, it depends on many factors. Before going into the details of the factors, let me tell you the bottom line. The bottom line is, do not put back the furniture until your carpet is completely dry.

Generally, it takes 8 hours for a carpet to get completely dry. However, if your professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne company has sent fans to make it dry, it may take lesser time than 8 hours. The fans used by the cleaning staff are custom-made to dry the surface of the carpet by blowing heavy air. It quickly evaporates the moisture.

Also, if it is summer and you are having a sunny day, the carpet will get dry faster. To speed up the process, you can open all doors and windows and switch on the fans. If it is not raining or cloudy, and if you follow all these steps, then you can expect the carpet may get dry within 4 hours.

The dry time also includes the type of carpet cleaning. If you have used dry cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning process, then it will not take long to make the carpet dry and let you put your furniture back.

The rule of thumb is when your carpet is getting cleaned, don’t move things from here to there. Even after the carpet cleaning process, you must not walk on the carpet until it is dry. If you have to walk on it, you must use clean socks and walk with light feet on it. Make sure your carpet is not wet for 24 hours or more otherwise you need to face issues like mold.

Once your carpet gets dry, you can do the things usually by placing your furniture as it was earlier. Toms Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services are renowned in Melbourne. The highly trained staff, fabric-friendly cleaners and high-quality equipment will reduce your carpet cleaning and drying time. For more details contact Toms Carpet Cleaners today!

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