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  • How my carpet will look after Cleaning?
  • Your carpet will look clean, dustfree, odorfree and without any stains.
  • What will be the drying time for wet carpets?
  • It is very less around 2 hours for Dry Carpet Cleaning. But it may depend on fabric or materials of carpet.
  • Do you move furniture?
  • Yes we do move furniture but it will be arranged back to its original position after cleaning.
  • I was thinking of replacing my carpets;can they be restored instead?
  • Yes you can trust Tom's Carpet Cleaning services for restoration of carpets. And we will only suggest you to replace them with new ones after our experts inspect them.
  • Would my Carpet Shrink?
  • Carpet shrinkage can be due to improper installation and on very rare occasions due to the cleaning method implemented. With correct installations the carpet will not shrink. Nonetheless, Our experienced cleaners always inspect your carpets prior to cleaning, to minimise the risk of carpet shrinkage.
  • How long would the cleaning procedures take?
  • An accurate estimation of the duration of the procedure can be provided upon close inspections, but, the average duration is maximum of two hour per room depending on room size and carpet area.


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